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Choose us for fast, affordable, and eco-friendly junk removal in Austin. Our skilled team ensures a hassle-free experience and unbeatable customer satisfaction.

About Our Junk Removal Service

Welcome to Austin Junk Removal & Garbage Removal Pros, where we take great pride in providing excellent service in the Greater Austin Area, including Liberty Hill and Cedar Park. Founded with the aim of providing a reliable, efficient, and professional junk removal service, our Austin team of experts specializes in a wide array of removal and cleaning services. Fully licensed and insured, our crew is trained to handle heavy lifting, hazardous waste removal, and even construction debris with utmost care and professionalism.

We understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer free estimates tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to help you reclaim your space without breaking the bank, and our excellent job performance has garnered great communication and strong relationships with our customers.

Cleaning Junk from Austin, TX and the Surrounding Neighborhoods

At Austin Junk Removal & Garbage Removal Pros, we proudly serve residential and commercial customers with convenient junk hauling services throughout Austin, TX and its surrounding suburbs. 

Our professional team arrives with the necessary equipment to safely remove unwanted items from homes and businesses across the area, helping declutter while responsibly disposing of junk. Take a closer look at the list of the areas we serve: 

  • Austin, TX 
  • Round Rock, TX
  • Cedar Park, TX
  • Georgetown, TX
  • Pflugerville, TX
  • Leander, TX
  • Kyle, TX
  • Buda, TX
  • San Marcos, TX
  • Dripping Springs, TX
  • Lakeway, TX
  • West Lake Hills, TX
  • Bee Cave, TX
  • Bastrop, TX
  • Elgin, TX
  • Manor, TX
  • Lockhart, TX

Our Expert Junk Removal & Junk Hauling Services in Austin TX

From junk hauling and furniture removal to valet trash and commercial pressure washing, we offer a range of services designed to make your life clutter-free and cleaner. Our junk haul and removal services are not just about getting rid of trash; they’re about providing solutions that make sense for you and the environment.

Austin TX Junk Removal and Junk Hauling

Our signature service, Junk Removal, sets us apart from other companies in Austin. With same-day service options and a fully-equipped truck, we are ready to rid your home of any bulky junk or old furniture. Whether you’re a homeowner with an attic full of unwanted items or a business owner looking to clear out a storage unit, our Austin junk removal services offer an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Austin TX Valet Trash Service

Don’t spend your time worrying about how to handle your household or commercial trash. Our valet trash service offers a hassle-free way to manage your waste. With courteous and reliable team members, we ensure your trash is picked up and properly disposed of, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most.

Austin TX Cleanout Services

Have a garage full of junk or a house that needs a complete cleanout? Our Austin team specializes in large-scale garage cleanouts, making the process easy and efficient for you. From the initial free estimate to hauling away construction debris and old furniture, we do an excellent job every step of the way.

Austin TX Furniture Removal Services

Old furniture can be cumbersome and difficult to remove. With our specialized furniture removal service, you and your family can say goodbye to that outdated sofa or worn-out mattress. Our crew takes care of all the heavy lifting and ensures that each piece is either recycled, donated, or properly disposed of.

Austin TX Commercial Pressure Washing

First impressions count, and our commercial pressure washing services help businesses in Austin maintain a clean and professional appearance. Whether it’s your business’s facade, carpet, floors, or outdoor spaces, we provide quality service that meets your specific needs.

Why Choose Our Junk Removal Company in Austin

Austin Junk Removal & Garbage Removal Pros offer a comprehensive service that prioritizes excellent quality, swift same-day service, and competitive pricing. Our well-trained team is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations from start to finish, while maintaining transparent and open communication throughout the entire project. Committed to sustainability, we recycle and donate items when possible and operate as a fully licensed and insured company, ensuring both quality and peace of mind for our clients.

Excellent & Clean Service

When you choose Austin Junk Removal & Garbage Removal Pros, you're choosing a team of junk removal professionals committed to great service and providing unparalleled quality. From the initial consultation to the final haul, our focus on excellent service remains steadfast. This isn't just about getting a job done; it's about exceeding customer expectations in every possible way. Our customers continually praise us for our dedication to professionalism and quality, often noting that we've not only met but far surpassed their expectations. We train our staff rigorously to ensure that each member of our team adheres to the highest standards of service.

Same Day Service

In today's fast-paced world, waiting isn't an option. That's why we offer a same-day service to handle your urgent needs. Whether it's an unexpected situation requiring immediate attention or a last-minute decision to reclaim your former floor space, we’re prepared to accommodate you. When you call us, not only do we provide prompt replies, but we also strive to deliver service on the very day you reach out to us. We understand that your time is valuable, and our same-day service offering ensures that your junk removal or other service needs are met as swiftly as possible.

Competitive Pricing

Affordable service shouldn't compromise quality. At Austin Junk Removal & Garbage Removal Pros, we offer the best price in the Austin area, coupled with free estimates that help you plan your budget effectively. Our transparent pricing model allows you to know what to expect without any hidden charges. We undertake an in-depth analysis of the work required, allowing us to provide you with an accurate and honest cost estimate. The affordability of the price of our services, combined with our commitment to quality, ensures you receive value for every dollar spent.

Stress-Free Junk Removal Services

Clear and open communication is the cornerstone of any successful service experience. Right from the time you book online or send us a message, we initiate a channel of communication that remains open until the job is complete and you are fully satisfied. Whether it's updates on when our truck will arrive at your location or clarifications on the full schedule of services to be performed, we keep you in the loop at all times. Our commitment to great communication ensures that you are never left wondering about the status of your project.

Environmentally Conscious

Our responsibility extends beyond just removing your junk; it stretches to the environment as well. We take sustainability seriously, ensuring that recyclable items are appropriately processed to minimize waste. Whenever possible, we donate items that are in good condition to charitable organizations. This dual approach not only helps reduce landfill waste but also contributes positively to the community. Our environmentally conscious ethos is embedded into our business and company culture, ensuring that we are always striving for a greener tomorrow.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Choosing a service provider often comes with its own set of worries—quality, reliability, and legality. When you choose us, you can lay those concerns to rest. As a fully licensed and insured junk removal company, we adhere to local regulations and industry standards, ensuring that you are receiving service that is both legal and safe. Our comprehensive insurance coverage also means that in the unlikely event of an incident, you are fully protected. This gives you the peace of mind to focus on what matters most: reclaiming your space and enhancing your quality of life.

Other Junk Removal Services Offered by Austin Junk Removal & Garbage Removal Pros

Our commitment to providing efficient, eco-friendly, and comprehensive junk removal solutions is unmatched. We will delve into other services we offer, ensuring your space, whether residential or commercial, remains clean, safe, and clutter-free.

Construction Debris Removal

Construction projects, big or small, inevitably result in debris that needs to be handled professionally. Austin Junk Removal is adept at removing construction waste, including concrete, wood, metal scraps, and more. We ensure that the debris is disposed of responsibly, keeping your construction site safe and compliant with regulations.

Yard Waste Disposal

Your yard is an extension of your home, and keeping it neat is our specialty. Our yard waste disposal services include the removal of leaves, branches, grass clippings, and other organic waste. We are committed to eco-friendly practices, ensuring that your garden waste is recycled or composted whenever possible.

Appliance Recycling

In the era of rapid technological advancement, outdated appliances can pile up. Our appliance recycling service ensures that your old appliances are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. From refrigerators to washing machines, we ensure that each appliance is either recycled or disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

Electronics Recycling

Electronic waste is a growing concern, and we’re here to address it. Our electronics recycling services cover a wide range of items, from computers and monitors to smartphones and gaming consoles. We ensure that your electronic waste is recycled properly, preventing hazardous materials from harming the environment.

Renovation Debris Cleanup

Renovating your space is exciting, but the aftermath can be daunting. Our renovation debris cleanup service takes care of the mess, allowing you to enjoy your newly renovated space without the hassle. We remove all kinds of renovation waste, including drywall, flooring, tiles, and more.

Warehouse Junk Removal

Warehouses can accumulate a lot of junk over time. Our warehouse junk removal service tackles everything from outdated inventory to unused equipment. We ensure that your warehouse is free of clutter, optimizing space and efficiency.

Storage Unit Clearing

Storage units can become a repository for unwanted items. Our storage unit clearing service helps you declutter these spaces, removing old furniture, boxes, and other stored items. We handle the heavy lifting, so you can easily access or vacate your storage unit.

Eviction Clearing

Handling an eviction is stressful enough. Let us take care of the junk removal. Our eviction clearing service is fast and respectful, ensuring that the property is cleaned out and ready for its next occupants.

Mattress Disposal

Old mattresses can be tricky to dispose of, but not for us. Our mattress disposal service ensures that your old mattresses are removed and disposed of responsibly, adhering to local waste management guidelines. 

Tire Recycling

Used tires are a unique waste challenge, but we have it covered. Our tire recycling service ensures that your old tires are collected and recycled, preventing them from ending up in landfills.

Scrap Metal Collection

Scrap metal can be both a nuisance and a hazard if not handled correctly. Our scrap metal collection service ensures that all types of metal waste are removed safely and recycled, contributing to a greener environment.

Donation Pickups

If you have items that are still in good condition, our donation pickup service can help. We collaborate with local charities to ensure that usable items find a new home, supporting our community and reducing waste.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Handling hazardous waste requires expertise and care. Our hazardous waste disposal service ensures that materials like paint, chemicals, and batteries are disposed of safely, protecting both you and the environment.

Garden Waste Removal

Garden renovations can leave a lot of waste behind. Our garden waste removal service takes care of soil, plants, and other garden debris, ensuring your outdoor space remains pristine.

Pool, Shed, and Hot Tub Removal

Need to get rid of an old pool, shed, or hot tub? Our removal services are equipped to handle these large-scale projects, ensuring safe and efficient removal.

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Solutions by Austin Junk Removal & Garbage Removal Pros

At Austin Junk Removal & Garbage Removal Pros, our mission transcends beyond mere junk removal – we are dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions to our valued clients in Austin. Our practices are carefully designed to reduce environmental impact, ensuring sustainable waste management for both residential and commercial clients.

Our Commitment to a Greener Community

We believe that our responsibility extends beyond just removing junk – we are committed to environmental stewardship. Through our dedicated recycling efforts, donation programs, and eco-friendly disposal methods, we strive to make a positive impact on our community and the environment.

eco friendly junk removal austin tx

Specialized Recycling Services

For specific items like mattresses, tires, and scrap metal, we offer specialized recycling services. These items are processed in environmentally responsible ways, ensuring that they do not contribute to landfill growth and are instead used in resourceful manners.

Dumpster Rental for DIY Eco-Friendly Projects

For those who prefer a DIY approach to their cleanouts, we provide dumpster rental services. We guide our clients on how to segregate waste for recycling and responsible disposal, empowering them to partake in eco-friendly practices.

Embracing Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

Our approach to junk removal is rooted in environmental responsibility. From recycling electronic waste to composting organic yard debris, we prioritize methods that contribute to a healthier planet. We understand the importance of reducing landfill waste and are committed to implementing sustainable practices in every aspect of our services.

Recycling Electronics Responsibly

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a significant environmental challenge. We specialize in responsibly recycling electronics such as computers, TVs, and smartphones. Our team ensures that hazardous materials are properly handled and that reusable components are recycled, minimizing the ecological footprint of electronic waste.

Green Practices in Office and Retail Cleanouts

In our office and retail cleanouts, we emphasize the recycling and repurposing of materials. From outdated office equipment to old retail fixtures, we aim to divert as much as possible from landfills. We collaborate with local recycling centers and donation organizations to ensure that items find a second life wherever possible.

Sustainable Handling of Construction and Renovation Debris

Construction and renovation projects generate substantial waste, but much of it can be recycled or reused. We sort through debris such as wood, metal, and concrete, directing them to appropriate recycling facilities. This not only helps in waste reduction but also in conserving natural resources.

Yard Waste: Composting and Mulching

Our yard waste disposal services go beyond mere removal. We focus on composting and mulching organic waste like leaves, branches, and grass clippings. This approach not only disposes of yard waste in an eco-friendly manner but also contributes to soil enrichment and garden health.

Customer Testimonials for Our Austin Junk Removal Services

"From the moment I booked online, Austin Junk Removal & Garbage Removal Pros have been nothing short of amazing. They arrived right on time and took great care in removing all of the old furniture and unwanted junk from my garage. Their team was professional and courteous, and they really lived up to their reputation for excellent service. The pricing was also very competitive, and the free estimate gave me a clear idea of the costs upfront. I highly recommend them for anyone in need of junk removal in the Austin area."
Elaine P.
"I was concerned about the amount of waste I had piling up and the environmental impact of getting rid of it. These guys completely put my mind at ease! The junk haulers not only took the time to sort through the items but also made sure to recycle and donate what they could. Their environmentally conscious approach was refreshing, and it feels good to know that my junk will be disposed of responsibly. Exceptional job at a great price!"
mark j.
"I had to clear out some construction debris on short notice, and these guys were a lifesaver. I called in the morning and was thrilled to hear that they offer same-day service. They were at my property within hours, and their team did a quick junk removal job, all while maintaining a highly professional demeanor. Fully licensed and insured, they are the real deal. Outstanding communication from start to finish. I will definitely be using their services again and recommending them to all my friends and family in Austin, TX."
Alisa H.
"I recently hired Austin Junk Removal for a major clean-out of my garage and they exceeded all expectations! The team was punctual, professional, and extremely efficient. They sorted through years of accumulated junk, recycling what they could and disposing of the rest responsibly. Their attention to detail was impressive, ensuring that the space was completely cleared and swept clean. The price was very reasonable for the amount of work done. I highly recommend Austin Junk Removal to anyone in need of reliable and eco-friendly garbage removal services in the Austin area."
Maria G.
"Austin Junk Removal and Garbage Removal provided an exceptional service when I moved out of my downtown apartment. Their crew was friendly and respectful of my property, handling everything with care. They arrived on time and worked quickly to remove all my unwanted items, including old furniture and electronics. What stood out was their commitment to environmentally friendly disposal practices. They made sure to recycle and donate items wherever possible. The entire process was hassle-free, and the pricing was transparent. I would use their services again and recommend them to anyone needing efficient junk removal in Austin."
Michael R.
"I used Austin Junk Removal for a post-renovation cleanup and they were fantastic. The team was very professional, arriving on time with all the necessary equipment. They quickly removed all the construction debris, old fixtures, and other waste, leaving the site spotlessly clean. Their customer service was top-notch, with clear communication from start to finish. The pricing was fair and they provided a detailed invoice. What I appreciated most was their commitment to sustainability, ensuring most of the waste was recycled or properly disposed of. I highly recommend them to anyone in North Austin looking for reliable garbage removal services."
Emma J.

Our Trusted Brands and Partners

We have the privilege of partnering with some of the most reputable brands in the industry. These relationships enable us to provide our customers with reliable and top-quality service. Additionally, we work closely with local recycling centers and donation facilities to ensure that your items find a second home, are recycled, or are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

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